Refund Policy

Refunds (minus processing fees) are made if your written refund request, receipt, and name badge are received in the Education Week Office by:

  • August 11 for Campus Housing ($10 processing fee)
  • August 11 for Cougar Cash card (no processing fee)
  • August 17 for Program Registration ($8 processing fee)

Refund requests received after the above-listed dates will not be granted.

Refunds are issued as a credit to your bank card if you paid using a bank card, or by check if you used another payment method.

Education Week registration is not transferable. Please cancel through our office if you are unable to attend.

Send your refund request, receipt, and name badge to:

Education Week REFUNDS
120 HCEB
PO Box 21531
Provo, UT 84602-1531

If you have questions, please call the Education Week Office at 801-422-6214.