Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Housing
Do the new Heritage Halls buildings (which replaced the old Deseret Tower) provide housing for couples?
Is campus housing available for couples?
May my children stay in campus housing?
I registered for campus housing. When may I check in?
How many people do I need to have in my family group to qualify for family housing?
May I stay in a campus housing unit by myself?
Do campus housing buildings have elevators?
Do campus housing units have refrigerators?
Do campus housing units have Wi-Fi?
Do campus housing units have kitchens?
Do I need to bring my own bed and bath linens?
When do I receive my housing assignment?
What if I have a concern about the housing assignment I received?
Cougar Cash card (discontinued, information on the new Gift Card coming soon)
May I give my Education Week name badge to someone else?
Will my name badge be mailed to me?
Where do I pick up my Will-Call name badge?
Where can I register during Education Week?
My name is misspelled on my name badge. How do I get it corrected?
When do I register for the Youth Dance?
What if I lose my name badge?
How old do you have to be to attend Education Week?
My youth turns 14 a week after December 31. May he/she still attend?

Please see the parking page for details.

Class Schedule Booklet
When will my class schedule booklet be mailed?
How long does it take for my class schedule to arrive?
Can I view the schedule online?
How may I be included in the mailing list for next year?
Why can't we bring babies and other young children?
Are firearms or other weapons permitted on campus?
Classes and Classrooms
After I register for the program, do I need to sign up for specific classes?
Why can't I record during class?
Why can't I eat or drink in class (other than in the Marriott Center)?
What if the class I've chosen is full?
How much does it cost to attend and receive credit for the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes?
Where may I find information about the CLE classes?